Our brain is trained to draw conclusions quickly, to recognise and correctly assign colours and shapes. Habits helps us find our way even faster, in a constantly moving world. After an encounter with an old turquoise VW bus on a grey, rainy winter morning, my visual habit was reset. The bright turquoise, shrouded in the mist and drabness of the urban rainy day surprised me, almost shocked me, wouldn‘t let me go. It was kind of surreal how incredibly screechy the colour seemed in the desolate winter day, and therefore so utterly out of place. Our memory inevitably associates certain colours with summer, heat, joie de vivre, so it feels wrong to come face to face with it in the grey of the cold winter.

This experience inspired me so much that I had to go on the hunt, for snowy landscapes, deeply immer-sed in the morning mist. Equipped with my camera and a few inflatable plastic objects, I went there, where it was getting quieter and quieter, where snow and fog isolates the world from everything, only to break the silence with a luminous colour. Or even to intensify the feeling of loneliness with it.