living in a country where often you‘re isolated by thick grey fog, the presence of an object made for summer customs is creating a whole new sensation.
the colors chosen for sun, heat and fun are actually even more vibrant then in its foreseen season. But in the same time they emanate something sad.

packed with inflatable toys i was hunting for snow and fog. i tried to create bizarre situations, where it’s not sure if the objects have been there naturally or not. normally these objects are signs of summer, they are almost screaming it.
there are colors and materials clearly defined for seasons, actions, stages of life. we are so attached to it, it feels false and strange if is not in its usual purpose. so i wanted to put them in a new context. combine it with the opposite, the cold an quietness of a winter day. and i love the dreamy atmosphere the fog creates in the photographs and how it amplified the stillness of the winter. but yet slightly cracked.