when the universe decided to ground us all, 7 friends choose to overcome the situation by an art collaboration. for 28 days straight, each day one person had to announce a term and the participants had to create a body of art within 24 hours. imagination was all we had left in these days.

since we couldn’t work, travel or just simply spend time together, a lot just happened in our head. daydreaming became a very popular hobby during the lock downs and got totally socially accepted. either you could binge watch the internet to death, or you tried to escape through the hidden doors in your mind. and before we started to losing it, we came up with this project together to safe our self from boredom weighing us down and start to mess with our heads. for those 28 days, we used our imagination for the better by visualizing the daily terms and creating 196 pages of our very own art book. these photographs are my part to it.